Open Door Communication

Compassionate communication skills can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Express concerns openly and honestly in a way that invites understanding instead of defensiveness. Develop empathetic understanding of others without compromising your own values. Even in situations of long-standing conflict or hostility, our communication process can open new doors to understanding and partnership.

Parenting is a special kind of relationship that requires special skills-- everybody needs help sometimes! If you do not have the relationship you want with your child, let us help you reach your goal.

Presentation matters. Open Door events are always led by skilled and engaging faciliatators who model what they teach.

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Open Door gives you the tools to

  • Create trusting relationships, overcoming barriers
    of culture or past history
  • Foster personal growth and interpersonal peacemaking
  • Relate openly and respectfully with your young child
    or teenager
  • Transform conflict into supportive understanding in family,
    work or church
  • Effectively lead employees and partner with
    associates in a business setting
  • Deepen intimate relationships

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