Communication Classes, Workshops, In-service Training

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  • Free One-Hour Introduction to Compassionate Communication or Nonviolent Parenting for non-profit organizations and neighborhood groups. Call to schedule an inspirational presentation.
  • Scheduled Classes and Workshops
    Regularly scheduled classes and occasional workshops are usually held at the Center for Living Peace in Irvine, and occasionally in other places.
  • Custom Events
    Custom classes or workshops can be arranged throughout Southern California. Churches, educational orgnaizations, and groups of friends have requested events to meet their needs. Arrangements are flexible.
  • In-Service Training
    A workshop or in-service training shows staff that you care about how they treat one another and the people they serve– you care enough to give them the skills to do it better! Our Communication training is especially valuable for helping professionals, who will apply it to their situation. Communication training can also catalyze a turnaround if low-level conflict is detracting from an organization's effectiveness. Open Door is very affordable. Call to discuss possible formats. In some cases CEU's may be available.

Sample Workshops:
Communication that Connects (The Basic Workshop)

A 2 to 4 hour experiential workshop on Compassionate Communication (NVC), with follow-up practice group(s). This basic workshop guides you in understanding:

  • The essentials (the four steps) of the NVC process.
  • How to share empathy and honesty.
  • How to free yourself from the hidden violence of our everyday language.
  • Experience the power of connection at the level of feelings and needs through real-life examples and role playing.

You and others may be amazed at the shift that takes place once individuals truly learn to understand each other.

Connecting Across Differences

A 4 to 7-hour workshop that incorporates tools from The Basic Workshop and conflict transformation tools from the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center. A great resource for creating understanding in tense situations, despite differences in beliefs, cultures or attitudes, this workshop provides proven conflict-transformation tools. In this workshop, you can:

  • Learn when conflict is healthy and when it is dangerous.
  • Understand and improve your typical response to conflict.
  • Learn the dynamics of conflict in groups, and how you can be an effective force for reconciiation.
  • Role-play peacemaking tools in typical conflict situations.

Communication for Social Change

A 4 to 7-hour workshop that brings together tools from The Basic Workshop with applications of the NVC process to work effectively for social change. Topics especially geared to social change that you learn include:

  • The problem with enemy images and how to transform them.
  • How to talk in the halls of power and be heard.
  • How to make your meetings more effective.
  • The importance of mourning in social change work and how to renew your vision.