Mediation and Conflict Transformation

What is mediation?

Mediation is the voluntary collaboration of parties to come to a mutually agreeable decision or plan, with the help of a neutral third party, the mediator. The mediator controls the process, but not the outcome. The parties retain their freedom and work out their own solutions.

When is mediation needed?

I recommend mediation whenever two parties are in relationship and are not satisfied with their ability to create mutual understanding. A little mediation when the relationship becomes challenging can save much strife down the road. Mediation by a neutral party is essential when the parties believe they cannot talk to one another. While mediation is often thought of as an alternative to legal proceedings, it is well suited for any situation where people want help reaching mutual understanding.

Why use Nonviolent Communication for mediation?

Mediation with a NVC orientation concentrates on creating mutual understanding of the needs of each party, and seeks to foster compassionate connection between people. When this takes place, people are best equipped to find and carry out agreements that everyone can feel good about. When the relationship between the parties is important, not just any mediation will do.

What if the other party will not participate?

This approach can be used even if the other party is not available or willing to participate in the mediation. In that case, it is called communication coaching. Coaching provides valuable clarity and understanding, and constructive strategies, for a person dealing with conflict or a difficult relationship.

Mediation and Conflict Transformation in Workplace or Church

Conflict or ill-feeling in an organization prevents it from accomplishing its mission. Working with individuals or groups, mediation can enhance interpersonal interactions in a way that not only solves problems, but fosters collaboration, compassion, creativity, and enjoyment. In addition to NVC, I use proven methods of the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center for organizational conflict transformation. Conflict transformation is more than resolving disputes in an organization. It is a process that addresses root issues, empowers and educates individuals, and models healthy response to tense situations. It reliably leads to personal growth, mutual understanding, and lasting change.

Mediation and Conflict Transformation in Families

Through mediation, you can overcome long-standing conflicts and emotional injuries to create more loving and satisfying relationships.

Mediation is useful for: 

  • Couples who are separating and want the best for their children.
  • A family member who wants to re-establish connection where there is a history of hurt or strife.
  • Families in conflict over an inheritance or business. 

How much does mediation cost?

Your assessment is complimentary. We can sit down together or discuss by phone how we proceed. We can propose a schedule. Fees are based on your needs and ability to compensate.

Remember ... conflicts addressed early are easier to transform!